Dies ist eine pro ana website,wer sich damit nicht indentifizieren kann sollte möglichst schnell verschwinden. Wir haben nicht wirklich bock auf undisziplinierte satte leute die meinen unsere Esstagebücher(in denen wirklich wenig steht) lesen zu müssen!!!!-.- Aber wenn ihr uns schon besucht und euch ein Beispiel an unseren 0-tagen nimmt, völlig kollabiert & mit euren fressen in einer Pfütze landet ,übernehmen wir dafür selbstverständlich KEINE (KEINE KEINE KEINE) (!!!!) Verantwortung!!!! ALLE ANDEREN sind natürlich herzlich willkommen. Zieht euch unsere Thinspo rein und denkt dran ihr seid nicht die einzigen,....und ja dieser Gedanke bringt ziemlich viel...=) Luv ya Eure Laetizia & Michelle Bussi

WOW to Ana

Don't you want to be perfect??

I will begin by telling you I am here to change your life forever. I am here to tell you that beauty is only skin deep. Didn't you already know that? I am here to tell you how to be beautiful. It's simple. Just say no and keep your mouth closed.

You have done it all before. You have tasted food and you can remember what it tasted like. So why did you need to do it all over again?? And again and again?? I will tell you why - because you were addicted. You didn't know any better.

But now you have had time to learn. I will tell you this: You were a very silly little girl. I am giving you a final chance to succeed.

I am giving you a chance to be perfect. Don't you want to be perfect?? If you want to achieve this ultimate perfection, you will have to give everything. Everything. To me. It will no longer be within your power to decide you will run down to the kitchen and eat those cookies and candies - like the little girl you once were. It will be hard at times. I will push you to the limit.

I have some physical requirements you must meet...

You will need to keep your weight below 120 lbs. You should never eat more than 600 calories a day, and you should not be able to pinch a roll anywhere on your body (or rather my body) - remember that. It is not your body to poison with food anymore.

Never underestimate my power. I can make you feel so high, like you are flying- I can make you feel invincible. Superhuman. But if you are disobedient, I will make you feel guilty as hell.

Everyone lies. They say you are too thin. They say you dont eat enough - but you should see them laughing behind your back - they think you are a pig!

They always said you would be the first to fall. Now i am here to help you prove them wrong, but I require a lot from you. Remember that. You wil have to give everything to me. In fact, you will no longer have anything. You have nothing but me.

Don't let me down.

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